100wc Week 47

Joplin stared at the… well he didn’t actually know. They sort of looked like a giant ostrich had trampled through Somerset’s best golf course, where Joplin and his family were having a family game of golf. He had noticed it when his sister Moira had fell in one of the holes when she went to get a drink of water. “I can’t let the others see this,” thought Joplin. He found a shovel next to the reception, and started to cover up the holes with leaves and soil. “JOPLIN” his mother yelled. “JOP-” but she didn’t get to finish her sentence because a knife had just gone through her stomach…

My favourite paragraph from Sample Writing, Term 1

It was like the Elements were digging into her soul, whittling it down to the core, and building it back up again using itself. She no longer had blood coursing through her veins, it was fire, spreading like a disease, she didn’t have her heart determinedly beating, it was humidity, scalding her very insides. Her lungs had been transformed into a howling gale, lashing her organs.

100wc: …I just couldn’t eat something so…

“Her condition is more severe than thought” Zilla sat up suddenly, to find herself in a hospital bed, rigged into heart monitor. A doctor walked in and stopped when he saw her. “Good grief, they were right, your worse than expected!” he muttered to himself. “Um, sorry, what?”  asked. “Typical, typical” the doctor said again. “Zilla, i need to ask you a couple of personal questions about your weight, eating habits etc” “OK…” “How much was your weight, say, six months ago, compared to now?” ” six months ago.” she thought.  “back when it all started” Zilla was training for the world figure skating championships, but in order to do so she went on a strict diet. Very strict. “Uh, it was around 40 kgs” “And what about now?” said the Doctor. “I think its like 29” she said nervously.          “Zilla, i am going to tell you something very important” whispered the Doctor. ” You have Anorexia Nervosa, something that starts out very small, and becomes very big. So big that you cant eat anything.”

Review: Charley Noble

Review: Charley Noble

On arriving at Charley Noble, we were greeted with warm, kind staff, who kindly showed us to our allocated seats. As we were looking through the menu, there were many appealing items. Fish and Chips, Roast Beef, Chicken. In the end, we all decided on fish and chips. The wait was quite long, but it was really worth it. Crunchy, golden chips, and beautiful, juicy warehou. For dessert i had a syrup pudding, which was perfection. Moist sponge with syrup oozing out. I would totally go back there any day.

100wc but how could something so tiny

I took a deep breathe, and looked around at everyone, their smiling faces, Anna standing in front of everyone smiling at me, then I look down at my cake. It’s beautiful, and kind of scary, now I think about it, as I have been on a diet, I haven’t told anyone as they would just flutter about how I am twelve and on a diet. Well it used to be a diet, it used to be small, but now it’s something bigger, me skipping meals, and feeding my leftovers to Rover, my dog, I just think, how could something as small as a diet, be made into something so much bigger?  I am having fainting spells, and I don’t have a lot of energy. How did this all happen?



I stumbled along in a rush of tears, panic, and mud, all of a sudden i stopped running. I stared at what was around me, looking up at the trees, hearing the birds singing their songs of sorrow calmed the blood i could rushing through my ears. Suddenly i heard the cry of a wolf, hungry for blood, shattering the night silence, like a knife peircing  through skin. I stood stock still, as the sound of paws pounding on the ground came ever closer. My brain was telling me to keep going, keep running, don’t give in to the fear that was so  close to drowning me. And then, in a flurry of dirty, matted fur, i was floored. When i woke up, i was lying next to a mossy tree, with stoney fingers enclosing me, protecting me. I was home.


About Me

Hi! I am Unicorn, or as many people already know me as  Maia. Some things that i like to do are,

  •  Baking: I love baking, partly because sometimes when i am feeling stressed about something, (or nothing) mixing a really thick mixture with packed with flavour, or kneading bread dough really helps.
  • Pinterest: Sometimes when it is a really stormy day i just grab a pack of biscuits and settle down with Pinterest looking at DIY’s.                                                                                              Somethings you may not have known about me:
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics: I am a competitive Rhythmic Gymnast, and i train for three days a week for three hours.